My Sweet Sister

My sweet sister Leslie passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last Monday morning. We’re not sure why, but we have faith that God has a plan and this was her time to go back to her heavenly home.

Leslie had battled leukemia twice over the last fourteen years and recently had been given the “all clear” after a melanoma was surgically removed. It had been a difficult year, and she was tired and weak, but she had planned to retire from teaching elementary school in May, and I was so excited for her to be able to rest more and spend more time doing the things she loved with the people she loved.

We were in Kanab for a few days preparing for and participating in Leslie’s funeral service. We also gathered several times with family, and we laughed and cried as we reminisced about Leslie’s life. It was a wonderful time spent honoring and celebrating a wonderful woman! I will miss my sweet sister and always remember her influence for good in my life. 

(This photo was taken in 2008 when Leslie and I traveled together in Europe.)