Start Something New

When I post a photo of the grandkids’ birthday packaging, I’ve been including a recent photo of the grandchild as well. When I post photos of our girls’ and their spouses’ packaging, I’ve just been posting their gift packaging. While I like sharing stamped projects, I love sharing something about our family. And when there’s a photo of family—all the better!

So, I’ve decided to start something new. I’m going to include a photo and memory from the past of the person who’s celebrating a birthday. Since it’s Shanna’s birthday, and she told me yesterday that she was hoping to go to the beach today, I thought I’d share this adorable photo of her in the sun. Her skin has always soaked up the sun’s rays better than most of us, and she loved to swim as a little girl. The fact that she’s done a triathlon is evidence that she’s a better swimmer than most of us too! I hope Shanna knows how much I love her, wherever she is and whatever she’s doing on her special day!